Hurricane Harvey Food & Clothing Drive

​01 SEP 17

Hurricane Harvey's devastation upon Texas galvanized members from 34-3 to band together at the Vet's Café in Myrtle Beach to solicit and donate food items, canned goods, articles of clothing, WATER, and blankets for the people of Texas.  CRUX, MAD DAWG, STALL, and WALDO left 01 SEP 17 with the loaded pick-up truck and trailer to a link-up point westward to join in with chapters 34-1 and 34-2 and then caravan personnel from the three chapters and all the collected items into Texas.  Once the CVMA (SC) members arrivd in Katy,Texas they were  met by the Katy Police Department who will then coordinated the distribution of the CVMA donations.  A great showing of humanity with the South Carolina Chapters helping those in need in Texas--veteran or not.  Please keep all the people of Texas in your prayers !!

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

our mission

Founded in 2012 and recognized as a Chapter in 2014 . CVMA 34-3 is dedicated to helping Veterans in the Horry County Area. Known as the -3 (dash 3) Crew locally, we are contacted to perform in ceremonies, raise and donate funds, as well as participate in local social activities throughout the area. Click below to learn more about us.

Currently, CVMA 34-3 is involved in fund raising events weekly. We donate a large portion of our collected monetary gifts to Operation Welcome Home as well as providing  local veterans with service/companion animals, emergency     monetary assistance, emergency housing, as well as "Homeless Emergency Bags" throughout two-four counties.


  GRUMPY Memorial Ride - 30 SEP 17

​Larry "GRUMPY" Greene II passed away 15 FEB 15 and for the third year straight we will participate in the American Legion sponsored ride to honor his three Combat tours in Vietnam, his service to his country, and his tireless dedication to vet causes. Let's get maximum participation in the 20 SEP 17 (Saturday) Ride !!!!! 


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CVMA 34-3

Myrtle Beach, SC


34-3 was humbled and "honored" to host  this year's State Meeting. CVMA members from 34-1, 34-2, and 34-4 participated in an early morning fellowship breakfast, a short comradery ride, and then rolled into 34-3s  favorite roost, VFW # 10420 (Murrells Inlet) and were greeted by the smiling faces of 34-3 members and the smell of cooking food outside on the grill.  Led by the Chapter XO-JEWELS, about a dozen members volunteered to form a "kitchen cooking brigade" in which all four of the chapters were treated to such food as pulled pork and German potatoes. As well a large variety of deserts (cakes and etc) were available for a nice sugar feeding frenzy prior to actual State Meeting. Led by the State Represenative- HULK, the attending members from all four chapters voted on topics such as the voting rights of Support Members and the locations where the next three State meetings were going to be held/which chapter would host.  All in all a great time to fellowship and see our comrades from the other chapters within the state.  UNTIL NEXT YEAR !!!!

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